The Six Golden Rules are:

Do be gentle – Do not hurt anybody

Do be kind and helpful – Do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard – Do not waste your or other people’s time

Do look after property – Do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people – Do not interrupt

Do be honest – Do not cover up the truth


We offer a lovely selection of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the school. Details will be sent out each term.

House Points

This academic year we have decided to create a brand new house point system. We are sure that if you have been to the office recently you have noticed the giant house colour tubes. In each class there will be a mini set of tubes and a tray of house point counters. The class house captains will empty the house points into the giant tubes in the office and the house captains for the school will count them every week and see who wins. The house with the most points at the end of the term will get a free mufti on the last day of term!