At St. John’s we believe that the curriculum should promote a love of learning and develop our pupils socially, morally, spiritually and culturally to their highest potential.  Embedded in our curriculum design are opportunities to question, reflect and grow as responsible global citizens.  Themes are selected to make meaningful links between subject areas, promote deeper understanding of different cultures, and to provoke curiosity and reflection.

We respond to the pupils’ needs and interests through our curriculum planning.  Each topic begins with a “provocation”:  a real experience which ignites interest in the subject matter. Pupils’ questions are used to plan a meaningful learning experience.   Topics are based on Historical, Geographical or Scientific themes.

This is always supported by creative arts (art, design and technology) or expressive arts (dance, music). English is embedded within these units which gives our children the opportunity to read and write for a purpose.Progress in key skills for each subject area are tracked through the child’s journey across year groups.

In order for our children to know about their locality, community and heritage, topics may take a local theme. We make use of the local area and local people to bring the learning alive. In addition, trips and in school events enrich the curriculum.

At the end of each learning journey, children celebrate the learning journey they have been on through a presentation where they report, share and present their new skills, in a “finale” to the learning. You can read about the topics on our class pages and in our weekly Purple Pages.

We are continually reviewing and improving the curriculum we offer to our children. The curriculum at St John’s is evolving according to the needs of our children and to the aspirations of the staff and community.