Big Write has been introduced as part of our continued drive to enhance the quality of our writing.  Big Write sessions will take place once a week. In reception, children take part in The Big Talk. Through Big Write our pupils will become more confident and ambitious in their writing.

Writing Policy 2018

Writng Policy Appendix 1 Planning Format 2018

Writing Policy Appendix 2 Tier Two academic word list

Handwriting Policy 2018

Handwriting Policy Appendix 1 Penpals_Scope_and_Sequence


Talk Topics.

We shall continue to use interesting and thought provoking questions to engage the children in conversation and develop their language ability. We may even find a little more about each other by the answers we are given. We can’t wait to hear the children’s opinions and ideas.

For further information, please download our leaflet:  Time to Talk Parent Leaflet



Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them.  What’s more, there are online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child.

Guided Reading Policy 2018

Guided Reading Appendix 1 Reading Record

Guided Reading Appendix 2 The big 50

Guided Reading Appendix 3-Book-Bands-and-Terms-table

Guided Reading Appendix 4-Bug-Club-Parent



Phonics is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully.  We use Letters and Sounds along with Jolly Phonics to learn to read and write.  Learning the letter sounds in groups, rather than alphabetically, enables children to begin building words as early as possible.  The aim of phonics teaching is not just to learn the sounds, but to use them as a tool for reading and spelling.

At the end of Year 1, all children are given a Phonics Screening Check to ensure they have mastered the appropriate knowledge.



Read Write Inc. Spelling

To help children learn and improve their spellings we have introduced Read Write Inc Spelling.  Read Write Inc. is a well-established Spelling Scheme that picks up from the end of Year 1 after Phase 5 Phonics has been delivered.  It is taught from Years 2 to 6.  In a series of discrete 15-minute lessons, pupils are introduced to spelling rules using Workbooks and Online resources.  These are embedded through a range of activities including team teaching (partner work), spelling games and worksheets.

For further details on our Big Write, Bug Club Reading Scheme, and Phonics, please click on links on the menu.