Mastery Learning

So that children can make the most of their learning, and deeply understand new concepts, we are developing our approach to mastery learning.  This term simply means that a child has had sufficient instruction in a skill or knowledge to be able apply their understanding in a range of contexts. We are using a model of learning which will help all pupils to move from basic understanding to depth and mastery. We have adopted the approach developed by Chris Quigley Education called “B.A.D.” learning.  This helps teachers to plan learning experiences which allow for  teaching greater depth on a smaller number of objectives than in the previous National Curriculum.

In short, B.A.D learning means:

Basic level- Following instructions and success criteria with adult support

Advancing Level-   A higher  level of cognitive demand. This  involves mental processing beyond recall, a greater level of independence and decision making, application and use of knowledge and skills.

Deep Level : This places the learning in a new context, requires reasoning and critical thinking, justification and often more than one answer or solution.


The language we will use to frame our learning opportunities is exemplified below. These are useful ways to approach home learning with children also.  We believe that all pupils should experience deep learning, and will be ready to learn deeply at different rates.


Basic Advancing Deep
List, Describe, Locate, Write, Find, State, Name, Follow, Complete, Recall, Ask, Use, Match, Report, Measure, List, Illustrate, Label,  Recognise, Tell, Repeat, Arrange, Define, Memorise. Apply, Solve, Explain, Classify, Infer, Categorise, Identify, Organise, Modify,  Predict, Interpret, Summarise, Observe, Estimate, Compare. Select, Choose, Decide, Justify, Debate, Argue, Recommend, Assess, Discuss, Prioritise, Determine, Create, Invent,  Compose, Plan, Construct, Design, Imagine, Propose, Devise, Formulate.

We look forward to sharing some examples of deep learning from our topic and mathematics curriculum soon.