At St Johns, we believe that Maths should be fun, clear and challenging; we want every child to leave St Johns with a love of Maths and a deep grounding in the basics needed to progress!

The way we teach has two clear parts:

  1. The Maths No Problem scheme of work.
  2. Our school Arithmetic policy.

Every child will have access to a revolutionary new scheme of teaching for Mathematics, taught regularly throughout the year. Below are our long term plans for the coverage of Maths No Problem for each year group, these give an overview of what is covered in each year group and when.

Year 1              Year 4

Year 2              Year 5

Year 3             Year 6

Below is the link to a useful parent information video from the Maths No Problem scheme of work, explaining the basics of the scheme.

Please click the link below to be directed to the parent videos which explain the methods used.

Maths No Problem parent video.

Alongside this, we also teach specific arithmetic focus sessions once a week, so that each child has the basic use of calculation deepened regularly. Below is our maths policy for the school, with everything your child needs to know for their age group!

St John’s Maths Policy 2018

Finally, to help out learners from home, we have had some incredible Maths whizzes create short but clear videos on how arithmetic is taught for each stage of school. You’ll find them below:

Addition in year 1-2

Subtraction in year 1-2

Multiplication in year 1-2

Division in year 1-2

Addition in year 3-4

Subtraction in year 3-4

Multiplication in year 3-4

Division in year 3-4

Addition in year 5-6

Subtraction in year 5-6

Multiplication in year 5-6

Multiplication in year 6

Division in year 5

Division in year 6

If there are any questions about how Maths is taught at the school, our scheme of work or our arithmetic policy, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. West-Gaul.