Young Voices at the O2 Arena, London, January 2018










Well, the big day that we’d all been waiting for finally. And what a day it was! The Young Voices of St John’s certainly did themselves proud; from the way that they behaved on the coach, to the mature approach they gave to the 100 times that day that they were asked to ‘find their adult’ to ensure that everyone was present and correct, they really were stars! They were fabulous. And then there was the singing. The O2 is a huge venue!

On Tuesday, every child that went achieved something momentous; for some children, this might have been something deeply personal – their first time singing in front of an audience, or the first time that they had come face-to-face with the very real prospect of vertigo (we were sat rather high up!), or the first time that they had stayed up beyond 1am – but for everyone, the chance to be involved in a team (a choir) of over 7600 children, was quite something.

I don’t know about the children involved, but I know that I will never forget the first minute or so of the concert itself; the main lights dimmed and each one of the more than 7600 children shone the light of the torch that they had been given, giving the visual effect of a star-studded night sky, and then this was followed by the first song of the concert, ‘Singing Together’. That moment epitomised everything that the Young Voices experience was meant to be about – togetherness and making music.

I hope that this marvellous occasion is the first of many to come in the future for us at St John’s. Your children did both you and the school proud . Congratulations to all those involved, and many thanks to all parents for all of the support that they provided. Here’s to many more years like this one!

Young Voices 2019

These are the tracks for Young Voices, January 2019:

Thank You For The Days

Moana Mashup

Fight Song (Chorus Only)

A Little Can Change our World

Any Dream Will Do

An American Folk Odyssey

It’s A Swing Thing

You Gotta Be – Chorus

You Gotta Be – Final Section

We Are The World

Viva La Vida

Tonight Belongs To Us (Chorus Only)

Pop Melody

The Greatest Showman – Finale Pt 1

The Greatest Showman – Finale Pt 2

The Greatest Showman – Finale Pt 3