Pupil Premium Pledge


St John’s Pupil Premium Pledge

We are committed to equality of opportunity and, in accordance with our Christian foundation, having the highest aspirations for all pupils. To this end, those in receipt of pupil premium funding allocation can expect:

A personalised provision map.

Developed by the pupil premium leadership team champion with class teachers, the needs of each pupil will be identified. At least 2 targets will be set termly. Parents can expect at least one annual meeting with the pupil premium senior leader to help them to support their children at home.

Excellent Day to Day Teaching:  the Sutton Trust research shows that poor teaching has a disproportionately large impact on disadvantaged children, so the pupil premium leader will work with teachers to address any within-school variances and to increase the percentage of outstanding teaching. All monitoring by the leader will focus on the progress of the group.

Careful tracking of progress

Workbooks will be checked  by senior leaders every two terms and compared to work completed by other pupils with similar starting points, so that expectations remain high.

Bi-termly mentoring sessions for each pupil

In addition, all pupils will discuss their learning, strengths and needs with the pupil premium leader every 2 terms

Improving the effectiveness of interventions:

By the appointment of a qualified  pupil premium teacher, we give the highest standards of teaching of interventions that we can , these are regularly reviewed and progress tracked. We use information from the Sutton Trust to support us in selecting the most effective interventions and will develop our skills through regular training in interventions

Extended Day

Access to a homework club where support can be provided

Extended opportunities

Expectation that all will attend at least one weekly sports club