Staff List

Senior Leadership Team:
Claire Mirams – Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assessment Leader
Danielle West-Gaul – Deputy Headteacher, Year 5 Class Teacher, Assessment Leader, RE Leader
Liz Hebditch – Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Gemma Stone -EYFS Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Leader

Caroline Bennett
Nicole Bradley
Natalie Colbourne
Anthony Daniels (Safeguarding)
Mark Harris (Chair of Governors)
Claire Mirams (Headteacher)
Abigail Powell
Steve Smith
Maria Maddock, Clerk to the Governors

Early Years Foundation Stage:
Libby Jones, Art and Design Leader
Gemma Stone, Computing Leader
Nicola Maggs

Year One:
Nicole Bradley, Modern Foreign Languages Co-ordinator
Annie Percy, Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Abigail Powell, Computing Leader

Year Two:
Shona Conway, Geography Leader
Stacy Griffin, Physical Education Leader

Year Three:
Lauren Rosser
Joanna Withers

Year Four:
Jamie Brownlow, English Leader
Annette Stearn, History Leader

Year Five:
Naomi Macleod-Jones, Music Leader
Sarah Berry
Jonathon Cook

Year Six:
Katy Gundry, Science Leader
Joanna Young

Liz Hebditch – Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Emily Hinkley – Intervention Teacher

Our school works with the Schools Direct Initial Training Programme and Bath Spa teachers will often be working across the school.

Learning Support Assistants:
Lisa Anderson
Melanie Attwood
Amy Capon
Laura Davies
Stacy Flagg
Lynn Emery
Tina Eyers
Shelley Gay
Vanessa Janes
Joanne Jewell
Catherine Murphy
Chemane Perry
Rachel Pughe
Sarah Riley
Hannah Sheppard
Sarah Toulson
Nicky Vause
Tracy Waterson
Kate Williams
Michael Wiltshire
Susan Yarlett

Administrative Staff:
Rachel Cosslett
Maria Maddock
Carolyn Wroe
Elaine Selby, Finance Manager

Site Staff:
Kathleen Haimes, Kitchen Manager

Andrea Brooks
Rosemary Dingle
Tracey Hill
Edith Maggs
Mark Manning
Esther Marshall
Allison Parkes
Sharon Pritchard
Leanne Williams

Next Steps Nursery:
Suzanne Dando (Nursery Manager)