The School’s Mission

As a foundation for learning, we will:

Take pride in developing outstanding teaching and learning by holding the highest ambitions for all out pupils, and knowing the children well.

Model a ‘Growth Mindset’ and expect our pupils to respond well to challenges and feedback.

Recognise that the skills of literacy and numeracy are essential for future self-confidence and success and ensure that everyone makes the very best progress that they can.

Provide a broad, academic, relevant and enriched curriculum which enables all to discover their unique gifts and talents, and to strive for academic, creative, scientific, and sporting excellence.

Provide a curriculum which is designed to give pupils a sense of resilience, aspiration, curiosity and empathy as well as an understanding of the wider world and communities.

Be constantly learning as professionals, evolving and refining our practice, and modelling the learning behaviours we expect from our pupils.


As a foundation for caring, we will:

Keep Christian Values at the heart of school life, building our community on strong loving relationships and mutual support.

Develop the character of each child through giving rich opportunities for spiritual reflection and growth.

Give a high priority to emotional and physical strengthening their self-confident and physical capabilities.

Enable all pupils to experience Christian worship regularly and to experience the awe and wonder of the example of Christ.

Teach children a moral code founded upon the Christian Faith, this will include the value of service, to their peers, to their community and to the wider world.

Teach children about their rights and responsibilities towards others, and instil a sense of fairness and justice, in preparation for lives lived respectfully in a diverse democratic country and world.