Fund Raising for St. John’s

This page will give information on how you can help raise much needed funds for St John’s. Throughout the year we hold various fund raising events, but there are also ways in which you can help raise funds on a regular basis.

Links to websites where you can help raise money for St John’s are listed below:

  • The Giving Machine
  • Easy Fundraising – Don’t forget to use Easy Fundraising when you’re shopping online this year! Please sign up to the website and look out for the St John’s logo. The more people that do means more money is being raised for St John’s. It won’t cost you anything and gives us a chance to receive donations and a £5000 prize. There is a Find & Remind function that allows you to search for products through the Easy Fundraising making it harder to forget you can raise money for St John’s.
  • Match Funding – Information on Match Funding and a reply slip can be found here.
  • My Nametags – St John’s is working with My Nametags to raise funds for school.  For every order of personalised labels, the school will receive commission. However, St John’s will only receive money if our School ID number (31825) is entered. To do this you will first have to choose what kind of label you want and what the label will have written on it. Once you are happy with this you must then add the label to your ‘shopping basket’ and proceed to the checkout. This is where you will be able to enter St John’s school ID – 31825.

Another way to help raise funds for St John’s is by donating your old mobile phones. If you want to donate your old phones you will be able to find collection boxes at the reception.


Gift Aid Information

Gift Aid is a scheme where a UK taxpayer can donate money to a charity and the charity would then be able to reclaim the tax from that sum. This means that for every £1 that is given to St John’s, the school would gain an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue. If donations are made from non-UK taxpayers the charity will still receive the original amount but would not be able to claim the tax.

To be able to make a Gift Aid donation a simple form will need to be completed; once this form has been completed you will not have to fill out another form when donating to the same charity.

Payments can be paid by cheque, cash or banker’s orders and the money will be administered by the Ann Harris Trust, which is a registered charity, for the school.

Gift aid forms