Parent Teacher Association

PTA Information

We are a team of parents and teachers who organise events to raise funds for the school.  We are always looking for new committee members and fresh ideas and in order to be able to continue fundraising, we need you! Many of you have talents that the PTA would find invaluable. There is a meeting every month where many PTA events are planned and discussed , the meeting dates will be advertised on the Purple Pages, so please come along and see what you can do to help. If you are unable to come along but you would like to contact us with your ideas, please send us an email.

The PTA Committee:

Chair: Stacey Winter
Vice Chair: Jessica Comer
Treasurer: Kate Penn
Secretary: Maria Gridley

PTA AGM September 2017
2017 AGM Minutes: PTA AGM March 2017
2016 AGM Minutes: PTA AGM April 2016

Fundraising Goal:

The PTA is very pleased to announce the impending arrival of the next stage in our goal this year to improve the outdoor play equipment at St John’s. Working with Mrs Stone we have purchased an annual contract with Scrapstore PlayPod which will begin this month.

The introduction of loose parts in school playgrounds has enabled children to be really creative in their play, simply because they are non-prescriptive and encourage a range of different play types. It enhances the physical and human environment within schools; creating stimulating and interactive spaces where children can learn through play.

St John’s will receive 6 new deliveries throughout the school year and the resources included in a fill include things such as:

Plastic crates, large foam blocks, large cardboard boxes, computer keyboards, dressing up clothes, hats, bags, shoes, large sheets fabric to build dens, cardboard tubes, lengths of foam, long ribbons and ropes to help with den building, tyres, small suitcases on wheels, and cargo netting.

This helps us to expand on the Poddely set that we purchased with the money raised from the Christmas Fayre.

 PTA Bingo

Many thanks to all those who attended our Bingo night! It was a great success and raised over £300 for the school.