Year 1 Visit to Carymoor

This week, Year 1 ventured to Castle Cary to visit Carymoor Environmental Centre.  When we arrived, there were posters displayed to say that Henry the Hedgehog had sadly gone missing.  The staff asked if we could help them to find him, which we all agreed we would love to! Over the next few hours, we learned about Henry’s habitat and those of his friends, Freddie Fox, Vicky Vole, Bertie Badger……..

We discovered lots of information about different UK animal habitats and understood what they need to survive. We found different animal tracks and even saw some of Henry’s friends!

Luckily, after much searching and learning about wild native British animals, we discovered that Henry was in fact preparing to hibernate for the winter. We were all delighted to find him and know he was going to be safe in the coming cold Winter months.

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